Questions & A Certain Contradiction

Two of the most recent comments on the Petition:

From a professor:

We are teaching twice as many students as we did 20 years ago – that means the same number of courses with double the contact hours – but double the productivity is good – right? We are doing world class research to solve problems like the oil sands tailings ponds – with just adequate support to ensure the safety of graduate students…but nothing bad will really happen – right? Those graduate students often work twice the hours they are paid to work because they care too much about the students to turn away from learning (just like us). Their salaries are processed by support staff carrying the workload two people carried two years ago – and 4 people carried twenty years ago. This is not OK. This is not sustainable. The government first increased student enrollment numbers and then withdrew funding when those students were half way through their degrees. Any other business would have cut students and staff. We continued to teach them, and now the cuts continue in recognition of our past stupidity. Protect our future. Support quality education for your children. …or we could just end up like the medical profession in Alberta. GP anyone? It doesn’t really matter how fast you get in to see someone – does it? What are we thinking???

And from a student:

“Some students have trouble putting a nutritious meal on the table . . . .” Please see the contradiction that she then goes on to point out.

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