Economics professor Mel McMillan & MLA Kevin Taft speak Monday

Posting on behalf of the organizers:

“Follow the Money” Speakers’ Session

6 Feb 2012, 4:30 PM – 6:00 PM, 129 Ed North

Kevin Taft and Mel McMillan present on their book “Follow the Money: Where is Alberta’s Wealth Going?”

How is it that a province as wealthy as Alberta is running deficits and says it must cut public services? Where is Alberta’s huge wealth really going? Those are two of the central questions that author Kevin Taft attempts to answer in a hard-hitting, fact-filled new book called “Follow the Money”. . . . Taft is a best-selling author and former leader of the Alberta Liberal Party. The book exposes the “big lie” that spending on public services in Canada’s richest province is out of control and that Alberta can no longer afford to fund things like education and health care at current levels. Oil is selling at $100/barrel, Alberta’s economy is booming, and still the government is cutting services and running deficits.

Please join the Department of Educational Policy Studies for this event.

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