Reply from VP Finance & Administration

Here is the VP Finance & Administration’s reply to the letter of 23 January 2012 signed by 26 faculty members in Arts:

Prof Adkins Reply 8 Feb 2012

The reply was sent to Professor Adkin, who has asked that it be posted here on Arts Squared, according to the plan indicated in the original letter.

How should we respond? And to whom? Shall we continue with the plan to redirect our questions to the Provost?

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2 Responses to Reply from VP Finance & Administration

  1. Laurie Adkin says:

    ” . . . based on the historical budget of the Faculty and the agreed to salary settlements and benefit cost adjustments, the budgets to the Faculties are increased accordingly. ”

    So the criterion for allocating the budget among faculties is “the same percentage that they had last year”? Peculiar. No assessment of their revenues from other sources or their needs? No general discussion of the development priorities for the university? (How is history made?) Lastly, why do the publicly available data, organized by Professor Sale, show that percentages have actually changed? Differences in salary increases?

    So many unanswered questions . . .

  2. Carolyn Sale says:

    Indeed. And as I have already suggested, it would be good if the “historical budgets” were taken into account. If we had been held at the 18.45% of the Faculties budget that we received in 2003-2004, we wouldn’t be in this situation right now. In fact, we wouldn’t be anywhere near the current situation as we would have millions of dollars more in our coffers. At the very least, we must now ask for a detailed calculation of how the budget for Arts has been determined from 2009-2010 (the year that we were subject to the 50% cuts to our departmental operating budgets) forward, including the detailed calculations for 2012-2013. We must also ask the Board of Governors to think in terms of “historical budgets,” and to reflect, retrospectively, on the reductions to the Faculty of Arts budgets that we have tracked.

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