A Few Answers to Our Questions


Please read in tandem with this “Dear Phyllis” & “Dear Carl” above (http://wp.me/P22btO-fs).

We have received, through an indirect channel, a few answers to the financial questions that we have posed to the Central Administration. The answer to the overarching question of why funding to the Faculty of Arts has steadily decreased since 2003-2004 includes:

1.  During that period Arts experienced a decline in its enrolments. As a result, other faculties received funds from the Enrolment Planning Envelope (EPE) that Arts did not.

2. As the greatest portion of the funds allocated to faculties is for salaries, and our salaries are lower than the salaries of faculty members elsewhere on campus, any negotiated increase to faculty salaries leads to a greater increase in the share of the pie for faculties whose members are paid more.

3. During this period, two faculties, Engineering and Medicine, received funds from the Provincial Government explicitly earmarked for them.

The last point of information shows that the petition “Sustain the University of Alberta & Freeze Tuition Fees” was entirely fair in asking for one-time funds to get the Faculty of Arts through its budgetary crisis this year and next. The Provincial Government can and does earmark funds for particular Faculties.

The question is, what would members of the Faculty of Arts like to do at this juncture?

Is the above information sufficient answer to the financial questions that have been posed? Or should the letter with the financial questions still be redirected to the Provost, perhaps with a different emphasis in light of the information above?

Or should further effort go into the Petition? We have an MLA who has offered to assist our cause.

The provincial budget released two weeks ago, which mandates an increase of only 2% to the Campus Alberta Grant for the next three years, means that the situation is as urgent as ever.

We are all, of course, impossibly busy, but perhaps with one last push at this time we can resolve the immediate difficulties for 2011-2012 and 2012-2013.

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1 Response to A Few Answers to Our Questions

  1. Brad Bucknell, EFS says:

    Dear All,

    It seems at this point it might be best to involve the MLAs and to make the petition a more public thing. The Provost will only say what he usually says. I’m not sanguine about what the Provincial Government will do since, basically, they have been funding the university less and less and creating the need for higher tuition fees: an odd thing in a province which is apparently so rich. Or so it seems.

    So, I do think we need to involve the MLAs now.

    Brad Bucknell

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