Professors and students protest degree for Nestlé’s Brabeck-Letmathe

Nikki Way: “We as a people must demand  a picture of water as a human, universal right, not a commodity. And this is why I was appalled when I heard that my university announced that it was going to give a degree today to a man who represents not human rights, but commodities. Privatization in the name of profit does not conserve water and it does not lay the foundation for water as a human right. . . . I am angry that we are validating a company’s profits, and not a single person’s work for a public good.  . . . But mostly I’m angry because water bottling does not represent water conservation. It is the antithesis of water security. . . . Worldwide populations lose control over the water when it is privatized, and aquifers are drained and depleted.”

Laurie Adkin: “The problem is . . . the uncritical identification by university administrators . . . of corporate and government interests and priorities with those of the public or the university. There is a difference between private interests and public interests. And the debate going on here today is not only about approaches to water regulation, but about which interest the university has a mission to serve.”

Amy Kaler: “I’m not embarrassed by my university because my university does not consist just of the people who want to honour Mr. Brabeck. That’s not my university. My university consists of people who wrote to the president and the chancellor, the people who came to the teach-ins, the people who talked and bitched and dissented and complained . . . , and the people who have upheld ideas about the integrity of the university . . . . We are the university, and we have no reason for a shame. . . . We are doing the real work of the university right here, right now.”

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3 Responses to Professors and students protest degree for Nestlé’s Brabeck-Letmathe

  1. Laurie Adkin says:

    That should be: “has a mission to serve”!

  2. Arts Squared says:

    Interesting! Its mission is clear. Its “ambition,” that’s a little murky!

  3. Kathleen Lowrey says:

    THIS makes me so proud to be a part of the U of A. Bravo.

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