Election Time!

Faculty of Arts members recently received a ballot to vote for five Arts representatives to the General Faculties Council (closing date: April 5th).  The ballot includes biographies for the seven candidates, which document in each case that he or she is a fine scholar and sometimes note administrative service to date.  It is difficult, however, to choose among them, as political representatives for GFC, on the basis of this information.  It would be useful instead to have a “platform statement” from every candidate, indicating what they consider the most pressing issues facing the Faculty and University and how they hope to use their time on the GFC to address them.  If any of the present candidates would like to use Arts Squared as a venue to issue such a statement, the Square is open!  (And perhaps for future elections to GFC, the Faculty of Arts could ask candidates to provide brief election platforms instead of CV summaries.) 

We have also received call for nominations for AASUA Council members:  1 vacancy, English and Film Studies, and 2+ vacancies, Members-at-Large (closing date, April 13th).   Should more than one candidate be nominated, a final decision will be reached by a vote in the Department or Faculty in question.  Again, it would be useful in the event of such a vote to have position statements from every candidate so as to be able to make an informed choice from among them.  Could candidates let us know what they see as the most pressing issues facing AASUA, and how do they hope to use a term as Councillor to address them? 

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1 Response to Election Time!

  1. Liza Piper says:

    Hi – I never received the email link with the GFC ballot. I was told to try to contact Marion Haggerty-France, but got an out of office reply (until April 10th). Might someone be able to send me the link (liza.piper@ualberta.ca) so that I can vote? Thanks.

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