Satire Alive and Well at the University of Alberta

Out today, from unknown parties at the University of Alberta: a satiric “first issue” of I, the Indira Magazine. The magazine features a tour of the President’s house, advice from Phyllis Clark on how not to be a communist (and if you’re a poor student how to survive on quad rabbits), a column from the President in which she gives readers advice about how to unleash their inner radicals (along with firm notes about not permitting their outer radicals under any circumstances to make an appearance), advice from “Dr. Frank” on how to come to grips with the false notion that the University is a place of “community and higher learning,” and recipes with Nestlé beverages and the tears of Arts staff as ingredients.

Kudos to whoever came up with this creative outlet for expressing frustration at various developments at the University of Alberta this year, especially as they have affected and will affect students. Arts students are asked to take joy in the fact that lectures such as “Civil Disobedience and You” take place in a broom closet in the “retro” charm of Tory while the hordes race to the ETLC for their Engineering degrees.

For impoverished students, the magazine recommends a couple of cheap reads:

Be sure to click too on the main captions, all of which let you listen to an audio of “Indira” calling for “Caaarl!” to find her missing website. You won’t want to miss that laugh.

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