Open Letter from Robyn Braun, Assistant Professor (Sociology), to Members of AASUA Council

Dear Colleagues,
I am writing in regard to the current AASUA proposals that are before us for ratification and to ask you to forward this letter to your membership for their consideration. I have some profound concerns with the dual proposals and I wanted to share these concerns with you. 
I am particularly concerned with the Renaissance Committee proposed in the Joint Recommendations of the Negotiating Team. My concern is that the proposal gives to the Renaissance Committee control of what have heretofore been matters negotiated through AASUA. The proposed structure of the Renaissance Committee makes this problematic. Members of the Committee will not be elected but appointed; we will have no say in who sits on the committee that negotiates our salaries and contracts. Also, the Renaissance Committee can assign itself to work on and make decisions regarding any matter it sees fit. Should we ratify these proposals, this Committee will be established and set to work without further input from any of AASUA’s constituencies and a Committee that need not represent any of us will determine our future compensation packages and the structure of our contracts. 
I am not alone in these concerns. There have been on-going discussions of these matters and you can follow these discussions in a few different places:

I realize you’re all very busy. I appreciate your time and consideration of these matters.

Best regards,

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1 Response to Open Letter from Robyn Braun, Assistant Professor (Sociology), to Members of AASUA Council

  1. Kathleen Lowrey says:

    Thanks for this, Robyn.

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