Neem (Inside Higher Ed) on the “Ideas” Behind “Disruptive Innovation”

In a piece in Inside Higher Education today, Johann Neem, professor of history at Western Washington University, argues that the rhetoric of “disruptive innovation” in regard to the increased recourse to digital technology for instruction at universities may be used to wreak change of an ideological bent — including cutting back on the humanities, weakening collegial governance, and possibly eliminating tenure. Read the full article at

In another Inside Higher Education piece published today, on the questions that events at the University of Virginia raise for how university Boards are run, Neem notes:

“The common theme of many of these pamphlets [on how Boards should be run] is that governance boards should play the role of activists by taking a more strident role in making academic decisions about curriculum and programs and challenging shared governance . . . Ultimately, this is about redistributing power upwards, toward management and away from the faculty who carry out the university’s research and teaching mission.”

Read more:
Inside Higher Ed

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