UBC’s Toope & AUCC’s Davidson Work to Explode Myth

Excerpt from article in Ottawa Citizen (30 September 2012):

“There seems to be a myth out there that we’ve got enough university grads,” [Paul] Davidson [President of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada] said Monday during a meeting with the Citizen’s editorial board.

“We actually don’t in this economy. There’s a real appetite for more, and it’s only going to grow more profound over the next 10 years.”

AUCC, which represents more than 90 universities and degree-granting colleges, says employment rates across the entire post-secondary education sector for all graduates, including those who studied arts and humanities, are high, and many are working at jobs that relate to what they studied.

And they’ve got some statistics to back up their claims!

Full article at: http://www.ottawacitizen.com/business/Canada+needs+more+university+grads+says+post+secondary+schools+group/7292104/story.html##ixzz27yUhb4eR

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