On a related note: Michael Meranze (Remaking the University Blogspot) on the “Utility” of the Humanities

“The constant movement of people (both in the service of capital and due to the disruptions of capital) means that the contemporary economy demands knowledge of the histories of diverse and intertwined societies and cultures . . . . We live now in a world where people may need German, or Italian, or French or Chinese to pursue their work and lives; where knowledge of medieval Russia or the long history of Taoism, or the colonial past and national development of Africa may be essential to confront a fundamental social or political problem; where artists, filmmakers, musicians, and writers find themselves confronted with the material remains of multiple past traditions; and where the actual employment of new technologies will succeed most when they respond to concrete social situations and problems not, as in the high modernist fantasy, when they override them.  And where is the knowledge that makes those connections possible produced if not in the Humanities . . .?”

Full post, “The Knowledge that Dare Not Speak Its Name” (14 December 2012), at the Remaking the University Blogspot: http://utotherescue.blogspot.ca/2012/12/the-knowledge-that-dare-not-speak-its.html#more.

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