Teach-In! Next Tuesday: “Reading the Mandate Letter” (Binhammer and Chisholm)

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 4.55.36 PMNotice from Katherine Binhammer and Dianne Chisolm (Professors, English & Film Studies)

Tuesday April 2, 3:30-5, HC L-3

On Friday March 22nd, the University of Alberta received a ‘letter of expectation’ from the Province (http://www.ualbertablog.ca/2013/03/draft-letter-of-expectation-received.html); the administration has made this letter public and asked us for feedback. As scholars and students of literary texts, we are well-positioned to read the letter.  We hope to demonstrate the humanist value of an Arts degree by collectively mobilizing the critical thinking skills we teach and study.  What does it mean that the ‘mandate letter’ became the ‘letter of expectation’? What are the connotations of referring to students as “learners”? What paradoxes trouble the phrase “knowledge-driven economy”? What is the unsaid at work in the letter’s rhetoric?

Bring your semiotics, rhetorics, hermeneutics, deconstruction, discourse analysis and whatever other analytical tools are in your pockets to HC L-3 on Tuesday April 2, 3:30-5

For further information contact Katherine Binhammer (kb1@ualberta.ca) or Dianne Chisholm (chisholm@ualberta.ca).   

The Government of Alberta’s “mandate” — er, “expectation” — letter is here.

A provincial budget aiming for a “once in a generation restructuring” of Alberta’s public goods demands a once in a generation response.

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