“This was sometime a paradox”: Board Chair Doug Goss in Journal on Cuts to University of Alberta (26 March 2013)

Board of Governors’ Chair Doug Goss in today’s Edmonton Journal on the devastating 7.2% cuts that the Government of Alberta has delivered to the University of Alberta in its 7 March 2013 budget: “‘The board of governors does not expect the province to reverse the cuts,” Goss added. But it wants professors, students and non-academic staff, ‘a community of some 50,000,’ to know the board remains committed to the U of A’s agenda of being a top research and teaching institution.'”

The University of  Alberta is to remain a top research and teaching institution without a reversal of the cuts? Time should not have to attempt to “give [this paradox] proof.” The “community of 50,000” must therefore do what the Chair of the University of Alberta’s Board of Governors does not believe he can “expect.” It is either that or let the futures of a generation of Albertans be compromised and radically circumscribed by the “once in a generation restructuring” that here produces Goss’s paradox.


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