CAPSE “Express Courier” Service: Drop Off Your Messages to Rutherford Library Atrium This Morning

On its way to Question Period in the provincial Legislature today, a CAPSE group will drop off envelopes of your messages to Premier Redford and the Minister of Enterprise & Advanced Education. Come to Rutherford Library Atrium between 10 and noon this morning to drop off or write your messages to the Premier and the Minister.

The Government of Alberta’s 2013-2014 budget, with its devastating cuts to postsecondary education, gets approved tomorrow. That’s why Premier Redford was on CBC Radio yesterday morning. She’s delivered her last public message on the matter. Let her have yours! Go on record about  the effects these cuts are going to have on postsecondary education in Alberta. Yesterday Redford said the only poll that matters is the poll on election day. Let her know now what you’ll be remembering when the next election rolls round, and why this Government’s “once in a generation” budget may be the one that ends her party’s dominance in this province.

And please pass this message on to others! CAPSE wants to deliver messages from all members of the University community.

If you’d like to join CAPSE for its delivery service to the Legislature meet at the Green Space west of the LRT station at noon.

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