Lukaszuk Dictating What Will Be Dictated (Or Let the Market Rock Us All to Sleep)

A brief note: here’s what the Minister of Enterprise & Advanced Education Thomas Lukaszuk had to say earlier this week in Chicago, by way of offering reassurance to Alberta’s academics:

“There is a fear that Government somehow will set priorities of research. Again, that’s not necessarily the case. I think it’ll be Alberta and what the market dictates that will dictate what research will be taking place.”

We stand reassured that the Market and not the Government will dictate the Research to be Dictated.

You can also hear what he  has to say about the Research Institute that will be “rolled out” in the next few months. (Pssst: It’ll make us just like Harvard or MIT.)

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3 Responses to Lukaszuk Dictating What Will Be Dictated (Or Let the Market Rock Us All to Sleep)

  1. Thanks for this link Carolyn. This rhetoric nauseates…gives me existential despair as well as stomach pains. The sucking noise I hear tracks funds from perfectly viable and significant programmes to “harnassing and channelling” applied research based on the resource economy. No more David Schindler-style independent thinkers. Forget about the climate institute in Calgary denounced by David Keith, its former head now departed to Harvard, as having been abandoned to corporate interests. I await Lukaszuk’s great “announcables” – I’ve already met Arts faculty from other Alberta institutions who have been declared redundant and heard stories about students worried about their dissapeared programmes. Fascinating to watch this bureaucrat sit in a chair and simply prophesy the flowering of MIT or Harvard here on the prairies, abracadabra, an accomplishment managed by a few pompous announcables and budget cuts. Dog training is more complicated. It boggles the mind. Woe is us.

    • Clarification & correction re: my comment above:
      “David Keith, its former head…” and I’m referring here to CBC-TV interview in January 2013:

      “The former director of an interdisciplinary research group of an energy research centre at the University of Calgary is calling the centre a failure.

      Climate scientist David Keith says the Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy is critically important, but has not been able to balance the interests of private industry and environmental advocates.

      Keith says the university for example, removed an academic at the request of Enbridge.

      “That just fundamentally misconceives the university’s role,” says Keith who is now a professor at Harvard University in the United States.”

  2. Arts Squared says:

    Thanks, Janice, especially for the reminder about the Keith episode.

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