Tracking the Cuts, Province-Wide

It has been suggested to me that there ought to be a public place where we track the program closures and job losses occurring across the province in the wake of the Government of Alberta’s $147 million cut to Alberta postsecondary education in its March 7th, 2013 budget. The documents for program closures will be landing on the Minister of Enterprise and Advanced Education’s desk soon. Can we put together a full list of the cuts that Boards across the province are authorizing?

I have set up a permanent page on this site as one place where we can track the cuts. If you would like to help document the cuts, please write me at, tweet me at artssquared under hashtag #abpse, or hit the “reply” button here. I will transfer all information I receive to the permanent page at the top of the website.

In related news, bitumen prices are on the rise. I’ve tweeted Premier Redford suggesting that she seize this opportunity to do the right thing and reverse the cuts. Want to do the same? And perhaps the Premier can consider basing future budgets on a stronger royalty scheme and stronger royalty-collection policy so that the Government can stop playing with a public-goods bonfire ignited by a poorly managed royalty scheme for Alberta’s oil.

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