2 Responses to The Disingenuous Premier, Lukaszuk’s “Class War,” and the Educated Bus Driver

  1. thanks for this insight…and your questions…great post.

  2. Thank you for this insightful post. I recently attended a “Building Alberta” evening with Alison Redford which confirms everything you’ve said. Ms Redford’s vision for education is based entirely on the needs of industry, primarily the oil sands. She said industry is “suffering” from a shortage of labour which in turn creates high labour costs. She’s going to fix this by churning out more “technical” graduates. (She spoke highly of NAIT and SAIT graduates who are immediately employable).

    She said her government had “asked” universities to teach differently but the teachers don’t want to do so because they’re afraid of change. (Take that UofA).

    When asked whether universities should remain independent of government she responded that “we’re not in the Middle Ages any more” (whatever that means), government will fund programs that deliver jobs and if people choose an education that doesn’t result in a job, they need to be told that up front. She didn’t say that the government would stop funding such programs but it was hard to come to any other conclusion.

    Our premier has delivered our students into the hands of industry. We may not be able to stop her until 2016. In the meantime we need to keep talking about the destructive consequences of this “vision” so that we’ll be able to put education back on track after the PC government is removed from power.

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