News From Elsewhere: Blog Post on Humanities By Natalia Cecire (ACLS New Faculty Fellow, Yale)

“We may not always notice the ways that academic concepts are circulated and reinterpreted in popular culture, but that’s because we live and breathe it every day. Just like scientific research, humanities research constantly crosses in and out of the academy, and it’s so much a part of everyday life that most of the time we don’t even bother to think of it as ‘humanities.’ . . . My hunch is that some people would rather that the humanities weren’t as relevant as they are, and have projected a distorted image of a self-involved, isolated profession in order to justify defunding the very research that makes the humanities so important. “Pay no attention to the research that’s going on here! It’s irrelevant!,” they insist. They wish that instead of doing new research on under-studied archives, bringing public attention to hidden histories, or offering new and challenging ways to think about the categories that most shape politics and everyday life, that we’d pipe down and eternally reproduce old, unchanging narratives about the usual suspects.”

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Happy New Year!

* ACLS (American Council of Learned Societies)

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2 Responses to News From Elsewhere: Blog Post on Humanities By Natalia Cecire (ACLS New Faculty Fellow, Yale)

  1. Kathleen Lowrey says:

    but are humanities researchers “gritty, fearless dreamers and resilient”?

    because I am not sure frowny-faced sticklers about non-ridiculous prose style are welcome here anymore.

  2. Kathleen Lowrey says:

    Are they “world renown”? Because nowadays, it’s important to be “world renown”. I’m not sure this Yale humanities person you are promoting here is really hip to the now.

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