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AASUA Ratification Vote: What is a Pair of Zeroes Worth?

This is a public version of a letter posted to the AASUA Members’ Forum on 7 April 2019.  Dear Colleagues, I have already written to you about why we must not ratify the Gender Pay Equity MOA. I now write … Continue reading

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Open Letter: Why AASUA Members Must Not Ratify the Gender Pay Equity MOA (7 April 2019)

Dear Colleagues, There is no doubt that we have pay equity problems at the University of Alberta, and that these must be remedied. Unfortunately, the proposed “Memorandum of Agreement” before us is not the right remedy. It should be voted … Continue reading

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Turpin Statement, Questions Remain: Why was event cancelled, and video suppressed?

We finally have a statement from President Turpin aiming to clarify his Election Act statement of 1 March 2019. Unfortunately, this second statement does not clarify the crucial issue. It is good that the statement explicitly notes that academic staff and … Continue reading

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President Turpin’s Communication of 1 March 2019 | Ronning Centre Event Cancellation Notice (21 March 2019)

I’ve been asked to provide the text of David Turpin’s communication as University of Alberta President (1 March 2019) to Deans, Chairs, and Directors. I gather some Chairs put it immediately into wider circulation while some did not, so the … Continue reading

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Turpin Communication Undermines Academic Freedom, Curtails Free Speech

Earlier this week, Alberta Politics blogger David Climenhaga published a blogpost in which he noted that a University of Alberta event at the Augustana campus had been cancelled as a result of a communication that UAlberta president David Turpin had … Continue reading

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Read this! Dutch Study on “Baseline Grant” System for Research Funding (Guest Post by Andrew Gow)

Dear colleagues, I urge you to read this thought piece on our current research funding model. It presents a simple and cost-effective alternative to our current labour-intensive method of allocating funding. The potential results are surprising. Just as our … Continue reading

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Witchcraft, Oracles, and Magic among the Albertanae; or WrestleMania: University SmackDown (Guest Post by Kathleen Lowrey)

I have read the recent contributions of my colleagues Michelle Maroto and Carolyn Sale on the debate around the use of teaching evaluations at the University with considerable interest and appreciation. They take up a question that has generated wide … Continue reading

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