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“Lies,” “Misinformation,” and “Brave Research”: The Dangers of Kenney’s “War Room”

Last Friday, in a press conference in which he provided very little by way of actual detail, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney made it clear that he intends to use taxpayer money to the whopping tune of $30 million in various … Continue reading

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Turpin Statement, Questions Remain: Why was event cancelled, and video suppressed?

We finally have a statement from President Turpin aiming to clarify his Election Act statement of 1 March 2019. Unfortunately, this second statement does not clarify the crucial issue. It is good that the statement explicitly notes that academic staff and … Continue reading

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President Turpin’s Communication of 1 March 2019 | Ronning Centre Event Cancellation Notice (21 March 2019)

I’ve been asked to provide the text of David Turpin’s communication as University of Alberta President (1 March 2019) to Deans, Chairs, and Directors. I gather some Chairs put it immediately into wider circulation while some did not, so the … Continue reading

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Turpin Communication Undermines Academic Freedom, Curtails Free Speech

Earlier this week, Alberta Politics blogger David Climenhaga published a blogpost in which he noted that a University of Alberta event at the Augustana campus had been cancelled as a result of a communication that UAlberta president David Turpin had … Continue reading

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Academic Freedom and “Respectful Dialogue” at UAlberta’s Faculty of Arts: Response to Message from the Dean

Just over two weeks ago, there was some surprising news from the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT), which announced the launching of an investigation into infringement of academic freedom protections at Laurentian University. The surprise: the Faculty allegedly in … Continue reading

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Kick Out the Jams (Post by Kathleen Lowrey, Anthropology)

So are we not kicking out the jams, then? Yesterday members of the Faculty of Arts received a communication from Acting Dean Lise Gotell expressing concern about “overly critical – even aggressive” ways of speaking on the part of faculty … Continue reading

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Confidence Game: Conflict-of-Interest, Confidentiality Clauses, and Our Public Universities

Three public cases in the Canadian academy over the last year and a half make it clear that we need radical change in how Canada’s universities are run. The most recent of these cases came to public attention last Monday morning, … Continue reading

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