1 Response to Petitions

  1. Laurie Adkin says:

    Dear colleagues,

    In case you missed the posting on Arts Town Crier, volume 89, issue 21, from Mathieu Albert, I want to bring it to your attention here. I am not deeply informed about the issue myself, but on the basis of the information contained in the letter, this seems to be a cause worth supporting. If you do — or may in the future do — research related to health issues, this letter re the vetting of applications for CIHR funding will be of particular interest to you.

    Yours sincerely,
    Laurie Adkin

    Dear friends and colleagues,

    As you know, CIHR is currently in the midst of reviewing its Open Operating grant programs and to make changes at various levels including the evaluation process.

    In response to CIHR’s invitation to the scientific community, a group of humanities scholars and social scientists at University of Toronto wrote a letter addressing our concerns about revisions to the peer review system. See attachment.

    If you share our concerns and would like to add your name to the letter, please send me your signature, title and affiliation on a Word document by Wednesday April 18. I will copy and paste them into the letter before sending it to CIHR.

    Please feel free to distribute this email to any humanities scholars and social scientists who may be sympathetic to the cause.

    Let’s hope CIHR takes our comments and suggestions into consideration.

    Best regards

    Mathieu Albert PhD
    Associate Professor
    Department of Psychiatry
    Interim Director, The Wilson Centre
    Director of the Fellowship Program, The Wilson Centre
    University of Toronto
    Toronto General Hospital
    200 Elizabeth St., 1ES-559
    Toronto ON Canada M5G 2C4
    Tel: 416-340-4800 ext. 6106

    letter_CIHR_social scientists and humanities scholars.pdf
    143K View Download

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