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“Lies,” “Misinformation,” and “Brave Research”: The Dangers of Kenney’s “War Room”

Last Friday, in a press conference in which he provided very little by way of actual detail, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney made it clear that he intends to use taxpayer money to the whopping tune of $30 million in various … Continue reading

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The Trust We Hold: Guest Post by Laurie Adkin (Political Science)

Deep breath. In the midst of the chaos and distress caused by the most recent budget, let us stop and ask, again: What is at stake? Who is the University for? And by “University” I mean, not just the University … Continue reading

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“Report-Back” on Government of Alberta’s “Estimates” Meeting, Enterprise & Advanced Education (10 April 2013)

This is the first of two Arts Squared reports on the Government of Alberta’s “Estimates” Meeting for the Ministry of Enterprise and Advanced Education’s Budget for 2013. The meeting, officially a meeting of the Legislative Policy Committee, took place from … Continue reading

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Lethbridge Dean of Arts Christopher Nicol: Government of Alberta “Us[ing] Coercive Power for Political Purposes”

Christopher Nicol, Dean of Arts at the University of Lethbridge, published a guest column in Saturday’s Lethbridge Herald in which he questions the legality of the Letters of Expectation issued by Thomas Lukaszuk, Minister of Enterprise and Advanced Education, and … Continue reading

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Hitting the Keyboards: Letters Roundup & Full Text of Letter to Journal by Professor Adkin

The Faculty of Arts has certainly done its bit over the last month writing letters to the Journal on the devastating cuts to postsecondary education that the Government of Alberta has delivered in its budget of 7 March 2013. Letter-writers … Continue reading

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Guest Post, Laurie Adkin: Notes on the Current Crisis

Conservative governments are pushing a technology-oriented restructuring of post-secondary education. We started on this path (federally) with the rhetoric used by the Martin Liberal government to rationalize investment in education, from ECEC to university levels. They used the language of … Continue reading

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Letter to the VP Finance & Administration, Phyllis Clark

Last Monday (16 January 2012), the Edmonton Journal published an article in which the Provost of the University of Alberta implied that members of the Faculty of Arts at the University who are challenging the cuts for this budget year and next … Continue reading

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